New Vacation Activation

You will be notified via Slack and within Trello on a new vacation activation. 

We will however manage what is to do and has been done from within Trello. 

Slack channel is: #vacation-activation

Trello Board is:

When a new Vacation Activation comes it it will be in the “To create” column. 

If you are about the create the vacation email then first drag the item to the “Create” column. 

Next open the task.

This is all set up for you to cut and paste. 

This information will be used on the following website:

All the passwords are the same. You will  see that no. 1 is the email address for logging in. This will change for each item. 

After you log in… select “beta” and then “beta vacation incentives”

This how you fill out all the information and then submit. 

No. 6 the business name is from a drop down menu. Please be 1000% accurate with this.