Frequently Asked Questions

Great question.  No, your customers will never be required to attend any sales or timeshare presentation. These are top quality resorts with no hidden fees or strings attached. Our business partners own and operate several high-volume travel companies and are simply filling otherwise empty rooms. The hotels and resorts aim to gain additional revenue from participating consumers spending money on the property, such as room service, spa, in-house restaurants, bar purchases, an extra day stay, etc. 

Our business partner ( has contracts with the world’s leading hotel chains and resorts to help them fill their otherwise empty rooms.

They’ve been helping hotels & resorts fill these empty rooms for many years – resulting in additional revenue for hotels from other areas of their property and through future bookings.

Hotels rarely experience full occupancy, yet they remain open, providing rooms and services at fixed costs.

Indeed, most hotels have a 30% vacancy rate each night.

So, when hotels give out their rooms by partnering with our business partner, they might miss out on the room fee, but they already didn’t have that in the first place.

At least now they have the opportunity to gain a customer for their in-house restaurants, room service, an extra day stay, future bookings, etc.

The reason this program works so well is because it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

You win because you gain more business from using our incentives. Your customers win because they receive an awesome incentive gift from you. And the resorts win because they gain additional revenue from other areas of their establishment that they otherwise would not have been able to get – and they also have a new client who may book with them in the future. 

Redeem Vacations will also offer additional upgrades and incentives that your client can choose to accept or not.

The printed Vacation Accommodation Vouchers have an 18 month expiry date.

Once your customer registers their “Vacation Accommodation Voucher” online and selects their preferred location, they will have 7 days to complete the activation of their vacation.

Please note that the expiration date only pertains to the “actual activation” of the Vacation.

After your customers activate their vacation, they will have 18 months to travel.

To activate, the guest simply needs to pay the daily booking & services fees that correspond to the incentive online.

It’s arguably best for all parties (the business, the customer & the hotels) if the customer “activates” their Vacation Voucher asap (ie: select their destination & pay the nightly booking fees), otherwise many people will forget they even received it.

Keep in mind the hotels WANT customers to fill empty rooms & businesses would no doubt prefer their customers to actually enjoy the break.

So once the customer (who has received the Vacation Voucher) chooses their destination, they have a 7 day window to pay the nightly booking fees.

Redeem Vacations will send them up to 3 emails during this 7 day period to remind them to activate their Voucher.

Redeem Vacations’ redemption rate is one of the highest in the industry because the 7-day expiration date provides a sense of urgency for people to activate the Voucher and use it.

After all, it’s in everyone’s best interest that the customer enjoys their vacation reward.

No. We do not market anything in the future to your recipient.

We respect our business partners and have no intention of spamming your clients with email. 

Redeem Vacations will send up to 3 email reminders during the first 7 days prior to the incentive expiration – to remind them to activate.

When you purchase either the “Instant” or “Loyalty” version, we will email your “Vacation Accommodation Vouchers”.  

These are the Vouchers that you will give to your customers during your promotion.

Your customers will then need to register the voucher online by typing in the unique booking code and selecting their preferred location.

Following this, they will be emailed a link to complete the activation of their vacation, by paying the daily booking fees.

Once they have activated their vacation, your customer will have 18 months to choose travel dates.

Your customer will get an email receipt and links to to search for dates and be able to choose from participating hotels for desired dates based on availability. 

It is a great idea to use them as incentives for employees to meet their goals, but keep in mind that they are not meant for group travel. 

Our incentives are to be used for promotional use only and are not designed for group travel.

You would not be able to continue to give away these vacations to the same team members as the limitations are only 1 per household per year.

Yes, they will then be able to select from a list of “available” hotels & resorts.

Different hotels & resorts will have different availability depending on the times that your customer has selected.

Keep in mind that these are promotional offers to fill what would otherwise be an empty hotel room.

The properties that participate in these promotional offers release the unoccupied inventory to us just 30 days ahead of time, thus it requires the end user to give us a minimum of 30 days advance notice to book dates. 

We also recommend your customers choose weekdays vs weekends and avoid major school holidays for best hotel options and availability.

Yes, your customers do get to choose the destinations that they wish to travel to.

They will get to choose from multiple locations & they make the choice when they register their “Vacation Accommodation Voucher” on

Our travel partner, Redeem Vacations, needs to ensure that sufficient hotel rooms are available across multiple locations & dates.

To do so, it’s important to have a rolling indication of how many bookings there might be within the next 12-18 months for specific locations.

That way, Redeem Vacations can cater for any particular demand for a specific destination (ie: provide “more” hotels if needed).

The only way to do this is to ensure the location is chosen at the point of “activation” (when the nightly booking & service fees are paid).

This ensures our travel partner supplies sufficient hotels’ room availability, whilst still giving the customer 18 months to book.

Customers must book with a minimum of 30 days advance notice prior to preferred or selected check-in dates.

So as long as the guest is booking more than 30 days out, their reservation can be fulfilled, based on availability of course. 

The properties that we work with release their unoccupied inventory to us daily, 30 days out, so there is no way around this.

Remember, we are filling otherwise empty rooms for the participating properties and this is the timeframe that they use to project what their occupancy will be.

Based on what their projection is, we’ll determine how many allotments they can provide to us for these promotions.

Nightly Booking & Service fees apply with this accommodation offer — the fee ranges from AUD$39 to AUD $44.55 per night, depending upon the destination.

Such nightly booking fees are a hospitality industry standard & entail, but are not limited to the following:

* Remuneration to a 3rd party booking engine (eg: Expedia,, Wotif etc) & housekeeping/cleaning costs.

The participating hotels are happy to forego revenue on the actual “hotel room” – because they are giving us access to what otherwise would’ve been an “unsold” room.

(The hotels are hoping that the “free guests” will spend money on food & beverages, room service, cocktails by the pool, massages & so forth – hence it makes sense to give away an unsold room.)

But as you can imagine, the hotels don’t want to be out of pocket for the “booking fees” charged by the likes of Expedia – which are normally between 15% & 20% of the room’s regular rate.

We find that people are absolutely fine with the “booking fee”, as just about everyone is very used to paying a booking fee for concert tickets, stage shows, airline tickets, cinema passes & so forth.

The Nightly Booking & Service Fees are subject to change at any time, as understandably the third-party booking engines may alter their fees periodically.

And of course, we have no control over “booking engine fees”.

The hotel industry also has numerous other “variables” that affect room tariffs & availability…..& ultimately affect the “nightly booking fee”.

(eg: conferences or expos unexpectedly being staged in a destination – therefore resulting in less “unsold rooms” & higher nightly booking fees)

The recipient of the “Vacation Accommodation Voucher” will receive a minimum of 3 nights in a luxury hotel accommodation – with the room rate being “FREE”, which retail is valued at up to AUD$350 per night.

However the recipient is responsible for all other expenses including but not limited to: airfare, transfers, food & beverages, gratuities, resort fees if applicable, and any other personal or miscellaneous expenses.

The short answer is YES. 

The incentives include from 2 to 4 people in the room and vary by destination.

Most hotels accommodate up to 4 persons in the same room, so 2 adults & 2 children up to 12 years of age are fine in most properties. 

If traveling with extra adults or children, upgrades may be available to accommodate.

The upgrades require the purchase of additional rooms or larger suites.  Prices for upgrade options and or additional children etc. depend on room availability and seasonality so prices cannot be quoted until travel dates are selected. 

All upgrade options will be online where the end-user can select the option to upgrade or continue to search for other participating properties.

These promotional incentives are designed for couples or small families.  Understandably more than 4 persons will be harder to accommodate with these promotions and in some cases not possible.

ONLY one incentive will be honoured per household. 

Group travel or combining these incentives to travel with friends and family is not allowed & there are extra costs for additional rooms or room nights.

No sorry, these vacation incentives cannot be used for groups of more than 1 room.

The hotels & resorts that are offering this promotion will honour only one package per family, friends, acquaintances, or known groups traveling on the same, similar, and/or adjoining arrival and departure dates.

There are additional costs associated with group travel. They also will not be available to use during conventions or other special events at the resort.

This incentive activation is FINAL & NON-REFUNDABLE. 

Your customer will have 18 months to travel and can choose from all available destinations to find travel dates and vacation options.

Once dates are confirmed with the incentive, no changes will be allowed.

Cancellations after dates are confirmed will result in forfeiture of the activation fees.  (The inventory used for these rooms is not as flexible as booking at retail rack rates – once confirmed, changes will not be allowed and cancellations or no-shows will result in forfeiture of fees paid)

No, the flights are not included – not when the holiday deal is $97!

Nonetheless, many people choose to use their Frequent Flyer Points for travel, therefore enjoying flights at no cost.

The recipient of this incentive is responsible for all expenses including but not limited to: airfare, transfers, food, gratuities, and any other miscellaneous expenses.

This incentive cannot be combined with any other promotional vacation offer.

With these promotional offers, the resorts are hoping customers will make up for the loss in room revenue with spending on the property at the restaurants, spa, poolside cocktails, room service, etc.  For this reason and others, they are requiring that at least 1 person in the party be over the age of 21 for all the resorts – and hold a passport to travel if overseas.

They must also have a Major Credit or a Bank Debit Card with a Visa or Mastercard logo plus a valid government-issued ID to check-in.  (In other words, they must not be cash customers with no recourse for damage to rooms, etc.)

Your customers can choose from any of the locations as long as they reside at least 100 miles or 160 kilometres away from the participating resort.

We’ll provide you with the database on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis – whatever suits use you best.

Understandably, we’ll provide the database digitally.

As soon as you receive your order online, we’ll email to you acknowledgement of your payment together with details of the delivery of your:

A) Vacation Accommodation Vouchers


B) Your Vacation Points if you’ve chosen to run the “loyalty version” of the promotion.

In this “Welcome Email”, we’ll also allow you to access our Advertising Resources such as Facebook Ad ideas, & webpage panels etc.

And we’ll remind you of the opportunity to order Display Material through our signage company supplier, should you be a bricks n’ mortar business.

It’s in our best interest to help you make the promotion as successful as possible, so rest assured we’ll be proactive!      

Your clients are only allowed to redeem 1 vacation for every 12 months (per household). This is calculated from the time of travel, not the time they activated their vacation.

Each destination can only be redeemed once per household.

We recommend that your clients choose nights between Sunday & Thursday – if they want to include a “peak night” of Friday or Saturday, there’s a modest approx.

Why? Because Fridays & Saturdays are busy days & therefore resorts don’t have many empty rooms available.

Remember, this promotional package is a cross-promotion that’s based on a “WIN/WIN/WIN” basis, where the hotels give unsold rooms for tiny rates at times when they have vacancies (mainly Sunday to Thursdays outside of school holidays).

The idea is for your business to WIN, your customers WIN & the resort WINS.

The good news is that you can give your customer a “prepaid Mastercard” for the booking fee amount.

Simply go to for details.

So, if for example, you wanted to cover the 3 Nights’ booking fees, you’d simply arrange for a prepaid Mastercard to be sent to your customer.

The prepaid Mastercard is emailed to your customer on your behalf from the Gift Card Store.