How To Quickly Scale Your Auto Repairs Business With Holiday Incentives

An Amazing Lead Generator Incentive For Your
Auto Repairs Business

Discover HOW This
Powerful Holiday Incentive Can Boost Leads & Revenue For Your Business!

Read below how easy it is for you to run this jaw-dropping promotional offer & reap the financial benefits!
Imagine the impact of offering your people a complimentary holiday when they meet with you!


If You Prefer to Read, Here is the Quick Audio Transcript For You

You’re an auto repair business and of course your target audience consists of people who own motor vehicles.
The format for running the holiday incentive promotion for your business is really, really simple.

You want people to have their motor vehicle serviced with you and hopefully recommend your services to family, relatives and friends.

So here’s how you get the most value out of the holiday incentive.

You simply promote that when someone gets their vehicle serviced by you, they get a holiday point.

Let’s say your average fee for a vehicle service is £400.

You encourage every customer to convince their wife or husband to bring their vehicle in for a service, and likewise, any of their older children perhaps, because when three holiday points have been achieved, they get a free holiday!

So let’s do the math.

If three family members have scheduled a vehicle service at an average of £400 each time – and you’ve gained say, £1,200, the £49 cost of the holiday is equivalent to less than a modest 10% discount.

But can you imagine, if you advertise a lousy 10% discount on vehicle servicing, you’re going to hear crickets in the background.

Who’s going to respond to that when there’s Groupon offers out there advertising considerably BIGGER discounts.

However, if you turn that modest 10% discount into a crazy ADULT HAPPY MEAL TOY, a USA HOLIDAY…just stand back & watch what happens!!!

Keep in mind that your “spend requirement” for the FREE HOLIDAY gift is entirely up to you.

If, for example, you charge £500 per vehicle service, you might decide to give the FREE HOLIDAY away with every 2 services.

So it’s that simple.

Give a holiday point to a customer with every car service, and then when the customer or family members reach the required points, they get a free holiday!

The service is limited to one Auto Repairs business per zip code.

Check To See If Your Postcode Is Available!

The Simple 3-Step Process For Your Auto Repairs Business

1. Get Holiday Certificates

This unique Holiday Incentive Program allows you to attract new customers by offering complimentary holiday with purchases.

Think of your “Free Holiday” offer as a powerful alternative to price-discounting.

(You can also enjoy a holiday yourself!)

2. We Help You Get Leads

Our team builds a Landing Page & Facebook Ads for you – & manages your FB ad campaign for 1 month – at no charge.

So we help you get leads by promoting your new offer of “buy from us & get a free holiday!”

3. Give Holiday to Customers

When a customer makes the required purchase or commitment, you give them a Holiday Certificate.

Your customer then chooses their destination & has 7 days to activate it & 18 months to travel.

What Your Customers Will Experience

1. Receives Holiday Certificate

Customer receives Holiday Certificate electronically via email & SMS or you can download and print it for your customer.

2. Chooses Destination & Activates
Customer visits specific webpage on & selects destination. They have 7 days to activate it.
3. Makes Reservation & Travels

Customer has up to 18 months to lock in specific dates and choose their preferred hotel and take their holiday.

It’s Your Opportunity To Skyrocket Leads By Offering A Massive FREE BONUS!

(……And EVERYONE wants a complimentary holiday!)

* Travel not included & booking & service fees are applicable – also Terms & Conditions apply.
There’s normally a modest Friday & Saturday “surcharge” if guests want to include those “peak nights” in their stay.


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