How To Quickly Scale Your Pool Cleaning
Business With Vacation Incentives

An Amazing Lead Generator Incentive For Your
Pool Cleaning Business

Discover HOW This Powerful Holiday Incentive Can Boost Leads &
Revenue For Your Business!

Read below how easy it is for you to run this jaw-dropping promotional offer & reap the financial benefits!
Imagine the impact of offering your people a complimentary holiday when they meet with you!


Given you’re in the “pool cleaning business”, you KNOW the benefit of having satisfied clients on a REPEAT BASIS.

Understandably, you want to keep them STICKY…in other words, you want to make sure they don’t go looking for another pool cleaner.

For you, it’s all about lifetime value – as once you have a client onboard, you’d probably bet on yourself to keep them because of your great service & clever skills.

So HOW do you attract NEW CLIENTS in the first place?

Easy…give them a FREE HOLIDAY!

Here’s how we suggest you consider running the incentive promotion.

Simply advertise that when a homeowner stays with you for a certain amount of “pool cleans,” THEY GET A FREE HOLIDAY!!  Plain & simple!!

Let’s say for example, you charge £100 per job for your services (don’t take this amount literally, we’re just picking a number to demonstrate HOW you can greatly benefit from this vacataion incentive).

So – if you charge £100 per pool clean, you’d likely say to prospects, “Hire me to clean your pool at £100 per clean…& for every pool clean, I’ll give you a vacataion point.

When you have 10 vacataion points, YOU GET A FREE 4 DAY/3 NIGHT HOLIDAY on me!!”

Yep, couldn’t get any easier!

This means that if you were charging £100 per clean, over 10 pool cleans, you’d have £1,000 in revenue…& if you’re paying £49 for the vacataion, your cost equates to just 10% of your £1,000 income!

Certainly beats “offering a 10% discount” on your services, that’s for sure!!

I’m sure you’d agree that a lousy 10% discount offer on your pool cleaning services WOULD NOT result in your phone ringing non-stop with eager new clients!

Nor would a tiny 10% discount distinguish you from your competitors – they could match that sort of offer in a heartbeat.

Unlike a non-performing weak 10% discount, the free vacataion acts like rocket-fuel for ATTRACTING & KEEPING clients!!

And keep in mind that IF you’d like a BIG CASHFLOW INJECTION, you could invite prospective clients to pay for the 10 pool cleans UPFRONT…& GET TWO HOLIDAYS!

The homeowner can then enjoy 2 years of vacataions!

And you get a nice lump sum upfront!

Can you IMAGINE what an UPFRONT PAYMENT OFFER like this would do to your CASHFLOW!!! 

So there you go – it’s a really simple “adult Happy Meal toy” incentive that’ll help ATTRACT, CONVERT…& KEEP clients – where your investment is probably LESS than the equivalent of a 10% discount on your normal fees.

We’re guessing you can see that this incredible vacataion reward concept goes to show that incentive-based marketing beats price discounting hands down every time!

The Simple 3-Step Process For Your Pool Cleaning Business

1. Get Vacation Certificates

This unique Vacations Incentive Program allows you to attract new customers by offering complimentary vacations with purchases.

Think of your “Free Vacation” offer as a powerful alternative to price-discounting.

(You can also enjoy a vacation yourself!)

2. We Help You Get Leads

Our team builds a Landing Page & Facebook Ads for you – & manages your FB ad campaign for 1 month – at no charge.

So we help you get leads by promoting your new offer of “buy from us & get a free vacation!”

3. Give Vacations to Customers

When a customer makes the required purchase or commitment, you give them a Vacation Certificate.

Your customer then chooses their destination & has 7 days to activate it & 18 months to travel.

What Your Customers Will Experience

A. Receives Vacation Certificate

Your customer receives their Vacation Certificate electronically via email & SMS – or you can download and print it for your customer.

B. Chooses Destination & Activates

Your customer visits a specific webpage on & selects destination. Your customer has 7 days to “activate” their vacation by paying the taxes & fees.

C. Makes Reservation & Travels

After “activation”, your customer has up to 18 months to lock in specific dates and choose their preferred hotel and take their vacation.

The service is limited to one Pool Cleaning business per zip code.

Check To See If Your Postcode Is Available!

It’s Your Opportunity To Skyrocket Leads By Offering A Massive FREE BONUS!

(……And EVERYONE wants a complimentary vacation!)