How To Quickly Scale Your Tires
Business With Holiday Incentives

An Amazing Lead Generator Incentive For Your
Tires Business

Discover HOW This Powerful Holiday Incentive Can Boost Leads &
Revenue For Your Business!

Read below how easy it is for you to run this jaw-dropping promotional offer & reap the financial benefits!
Imagine the impact of offering your people a complimentary holiday when they meet with you!


Your business is selling TIRES – so obviously your target market is owners of vehicles.

So the format of your free holiday INCENTIVE is very straightforward.

For every tire that someone buys, they get a holiday point – & when they get say, 8 points, they get a free holiday!

Couldn’t be easier!

So here’s how it would work.

We suggest you run a loyalty card promotion, somewhat similar to what restaurants and coffee shops do, where you put an ink stamp on a loyalty card each time someone buys a tire from you.

(Of course, you can have a condition of a minimum spend per tire if you want.)

We provide you with the artwork for your loyalty card – it’s business-card size & has 10 spots on the back for you to “stamp.”

You’ll see on our website more details about how to run a loyalty program like this, but essentially it’s very similar to what you’ve probably seen in many cafes.

So…you might promote that every time someone buys a tire, they receive one stamp on their loyalty card.

(So if they buy 2 tires, they get 2 stamps.)

We understand that the price of tires differs from brand to brand, but for argument’s sake, let’s just say your tires were £125 each.

When they have 4 stamps on their loyalty card, it obviously means they have spent £500 with you…either instantly or over a period of time.

So you may highlight that when they complete two loyalty cards and therefore demonstrate they have spent £1,000 with you, they would get a free US holiday!

Do you think this incentive will influence them to encourage their husband or wife…or children…to get tires from you…AND FAST??


If you do the math, this means they have spent at least £1,000 with you …….and because the holiday costs you £49, you are effectively giving them an incredible holiday loyalty gift – the cost TO YOU being less than 10% of what they have spent with you.

In other words, if the customer has spent let’s say, £1,000 with you ….& the holiday gift you’re giving them costs you £49, it’s essentially equivalent to a 10% discount.

So you have turned a lame 10% discount into a jaw dropping free holiday!

And of course IF the tires are more expensive than £125 each, chances are that the HOLIDAY is costing you just 5% or 6% of the customer’s total spend.

So there you go – it’s a really simple “adult Happy Meal toy” incentive that’ll help ATTRACT & CONVERT clients – where your investment is probably LESS than the equivalent of a 10% discount on your normal prices.

AND IT WILL LIKELY BENEFIT YOU WITH A QUICK CASHFLOW INJECTION – as husband & wives join forces & get 8 new tires to get the FREE HOLIDAY!

We’re guessing you can see that this incredible holiday reward concept goes to show that incentive-based marketing beats price discounting hands down every time!

Yep, a massive CONVERSION TOOL that “ATTRACTS & CONVERTS” …& one that can’t be matched!

The Simple 3-Step Process For Your Tires Business

1. Get Vacation Certificates

This unique Vacations Incentive Program allows you to attract new customers by offering complimentary vacations with purchases.

Think of your “Free Vacation” offer as a powerful alternative to price-discounting.

(You can also enjoy a vacation yourself!)

2. We Help You Get Leads

Our team builds a Landing Page & Facebook Ads for you – & manages your FB ad campaign for 1 month – at no charge.

So we help you get leads by promoting your new offer of “buy from us & get a free vacation!”

3. Give Vacations to Customers

When a customer makes the required purchase or commitment, you give them a Vacation Certificate.

Your customer then chooses their destination & has 7 days to activate it & 18 months to travel.

What Your Customers Will Experience

A. Receives Vacation Certificate

Your customer receives their Vacation Certificate electronically via email & SMS – or you can download and print it for your customer.

B. Chooses Destination & Activates

Your customer visits a specific webpage on & selects destination. Your customer has 7 days to “activate” their vacation by paying the taxes & fees.

C. Makes Reservation & Travels

After “activation”, your customer has up to 18 months to lock in specific dates and choose their preferred hotel and take their vacation.

It’s Your Opportunity To Skyrocket Leads By Offering A Massive FREE BONUS!

(……And EVERYONE wants a complimentary vacation!)

* Travel not included & booking & service fees are applicable – also Terms & Conditions apply.
There’s normally a modest Friday & Saturday “surcharge” if guests want to include those “peak nights” in their stay.


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